Online Form I-9 Processing for Remote Hire Employees


You Are My Witness is the premier web based Software as as Service (SaaS) offering the latest in digital technology integration in electronically processing remote hire Form I-9 in real-time with live Notaries as "Designated Agents" on behalf of their employers.

Quotes Debra A. says: I am a notary and was curious about this new use of technology and was completely impressed at how effortless the process was. Superb experience and I felt 100% secure. Highly recommend. Thank you for the demo!!! Quotes
Debra A.
Prospective Client

Quotes Johnny M. says: Efficient, fast and friendly. Quotes
Johnny M.

Quotes Renata T. says: Excellent service! simple and quick despite my far from perfect computing proficiency. The Notary was very helpful. Quotes
Renata T.

Quotes Professional, straightforward and simple. I'm pretty sure my webcam doesn't meet the 3-5 megapixel requirement, but this was no problem whatsoever. Thanks Andrew Quotes
Gerard K.

Quotes Great service! The notary was very patient with me in setting up the camera and microphone. He was cheerful and did the job efficiently. It was fun and felt very futuristic. Quotes
Crystal B

Quotes Lianne M. says: Great experience. A real time saver. Great use of technology! The notary was great and patient with my connectivity issues in the beginning. I think a lot of services should be managed this way! Saved me time and money in not having to track down a notary that met my new employer's requirements! Great service! Thank you! Quotes
Lianne M.

Quotes Greg W. says: This solution is too good to be true. I can't believe that no one has implemented something so easy and so straightforward before now. As a national staffing supplier we hire people all across the country. You are My Witness alleviates the need to have to track down a notary that is willing and able to complete our I9s for new employees. Kudos! Quotes
Greg W.

Quotes Karen P says: The Future! I could have used a remote notary to get several other forms signed. It would have been nice getting a meeting reminder. But other wise, I was able to get my Mac working with the tips they had before the meeting started. The meeting with the Notary was very quick and easy. Quotes
Karen P.

Quotes Marjorie J. says: Genius! Pure genius!!! The owner, and proprietor of this concept is going to be RICH!!!! This was extremely easy, and I love the virtual ability to have a notary. No more driving, with forgotten documents. If you forgot it at your table, you are at home so you can run to get it. The notary was exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I can't say enough good things about his service. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was because of a few kinks that needed to be worked out, computer-wise. Once we got that settled, it was smooth sailing all the way. This is the notary of the future. If you want ease, convenience, and complete professionalism, use You Are My Witness. Quotes
Marjorie J.

Quotes Sherri H. says: What an interesting concept that is executed perfectly! Very easy, fast and pleasant. Professional, warm friendly service. Who knew you could enjoy being at the notary (virtually) so much! Quotes
Sherri H.