Online Form I-9 Processing for Remote Hire Employees


You Are My Witness is the premier web based Software as as Service (SaaS) offering the latest in digital technology integration in electronically processing remote hire Form I-9 in real-time with live Notaries as "Designated Agents" on behalf of their employers.

Quotes The whole process is easier and faster than what I thought it would be. You really don't have to know much about the technology or the process to complete Form I-9; the emails and attendant guide you through in a very simple way. Quotes
Geoni M.

Quotes I had a great experience. The notary was kind and patient. I had a few technical difficulties signing on via my IPad but my notary was diligent in making sure we completed the meeting. This option was very convenient, since I did not have to travel.! Quotes
Keisha R.

Quotes As I have experienced the I-9 process numerous times over my various career changes I found the process with You Are My Witness to be far and above to be much more efficient and easier. Thanks to my witness. Quotes
Greg M.

Quotes In Texas, Notaries are prohibited from participating in the I-9 process altogether. You Are My Witness allowed me to complete and submit my Form I-9 and avoid a trip to Louisiana. I was impressed by the patience and professionalism exhibited. Quotes
John W. says:

Quotes Linda D. says: This is the way of the future. Great concept and one everyone should adopt. Thank you! Quotes
Linda D

Quotes Other than some hiccups with my Chrome Browser crashing, it was all smooth sailing from there. Quotes
Paul Chai

Quotes My interviewer was excellent in every regard. Professional. Courteous. And fast. A turn-key operation. Wish everything online was this well run and organized. Quotes
Jack G. says:

Quotes It's a very good experience - convenient and effcient. Thanks! Quotes
JJ W. says:

Quotes Notaries are getting hard to find, and there is always a wait. I really appreciated the option of taking care of the I9 form at a time convenient for me, simply using my home computer. The notary, Andrew, was friendly, patient, and helpful. I missed one box on the form and had to resubmit, but no problem. The process was smooth and efficient, actually almost fun. Quotes
Linda W. says:

Quotes Carlos D. says: It was Awsome ! Fast and easy ! I just want to thank Mr. Hatter for his patience with me dealing with my technical problems. He was really supportive on helping me till we got it done. I would recomend this site to all !!! Quotes
Carlos D.
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